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Automatic Trailer Hook Up - Centers Your Trailer Tongue Over Your Hitch Ball



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                 TThe end to trailer-hitching nightmares: endless dismounts from the cab to check alignment,

hitch override causing smashed license plates, dented tailgates, frazzled nerves, marital discord.    Let Hitchzilla

be your guide to trailering bliss: automatic trailer hookup!  Now, single-handedly center your trailer over your hitchball

with in as few as 2 yourself!  Crank the tongue down...your trailer tongue is aligned!

...and you're on your way!


Proudly made in the USA of your choice of  hardened aluminum alloy, or powder-coated steel, Hitchzilla installs

between the ball and receiver, always with you and ready to go to work.  Available in two popular finishes, and a variety of others with a

custom-order, Hitchzilla is an attractive addition to your tow vehicle, and comes with a lifetime guarantee.





Hitchzilla AluminumDiamond Plate





A patented, machined bushing you install between your existing ball and ball mount platform allows

Hitchzilla™ to swivel when 'bumped', centering your coupler:



NOTE: hitch ball not included








Hitchzilla  Customers Say:


"It's got to be the worst way to start a day on the water, hooking up that damn trailer.  Can't believe someone didn't think of this sooner!"  - Dale R., Toms River, NJ



"My husband became a raging 'Bitch-zilla' when we went to hook up our trailer. 

Got him a Hitchzilla last Christmas, and he says he'd sooner leave the house without pants

than travel without it!"   -W. Boatman, Sedona, AZ



"I'm 65.  Can't remember when I threw my back out.  Thought I'd have to give up fishing.  Not now, since this Hitchariller (sic) thing.  It's great!"  - Duke H., Welaka, FL



"Can't do backwards.  Used to hate it.  Now I can do it.  Great product."  

- Cathy P., Williamson, NY



"One, two, badda-bing!  I'm hooked up"   - Joey R., Fort Lauderdale, FL



"Had my Hitchzilla for about 3-4 months and used it 4-5 times before selling my boat. Refused to let the

Hitchzilla go with the boat. It will always be on my vehicle. Excellent product  at a very reasonable price.

Telling all my friends."  -James S., Alabama


Hitchzilla Versions  Hitchzilla Diamond Plate Coated



Hitchzilla can be special-ordered in a variety of finishes, including anodized,

brushed, or powder-coated to suit your application.

Included are adapters to allow use with ľ" and 1" shank trailer balls.




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